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Calendar of Events

January 1*
Founding of the Republic of China.
March 29
Youth Day.
April 5**
Tomb-Sweeping Day and death of President Chiang Kai-shek.
September 28
Birthday of Confucius, observed as Teachers Day.
October 10
Double Tenth National Day.
October 25
Taiwan Retrocession Day.
October 31
Birthday of President Chiang Kai-shek (1887), observed as Veterans Day.
November 12
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday
December 25
Constitution Day.

* January 2 is a public holiday.
** Tomb-Sweeping Day is observed on April 5 except in Leap Years, when it falls on April 4.

Anniversaries Observed According to the Lunar Calendar
Note: These anniversaries vary from year to year in relation to the Gregorian calendar. For the the convenience of readers, the corresponding dates according to the Gregorian system are also given for 1985 through 1989.

Chinese Lunar New Year 1st Day, 1st Moon
THREE-DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY (Starting New Year's Eve)
The lunar New Year is the nation's largest and most colorful festival.

Corresponding Dates 1987 Jan. 29
1985 Feb. 20 1988 Feb. 17
1986 Feb. 9 1989 Feb. 6

Lantern Festival & Tourism Week 15th Day, 1st Moon
Marks the end of the New YearHoliday season. The Chinese people used to believe they scould see celestial spirits by the light of the first moon, so they lighted torches to help visibility. Later lanterns were used instead. The festival features lantern processions and contests in which prizes are awarded for the best lanterns.

Corresponding Dates 1987 Feb. 12
1985 March 6 1988 March 2
1986 Feb. 23 1989 Feb. 20

Birthday of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy 19th Day, 2nd Moon
Celebrated at Taipei's Lungshan (Dragon Mountain) and other temples.

Corresponding Dates 1987 March 18
1985 April 8 1988 April 2
1986 March 28 1989 March 26

Festival of the God of Medicine 11th Day, 3rd Moon
Commemorates the healing God Pao Sheng, with a three kilometer procession through the town of Hsuehchia that lasts all day.

Corresponding Dates 1987 April 8
1985 April 30 1988 April 26
1986 April 19 1989 April 16

Birthday of Matsu, Goddess of the Sea 23rd Day, 3rd Moon
Celebrated at the hundreds of temples to her in Taiwan. Biggest festivals are at Peikang in central Taiwan and Tainan in the south.

Corresponding Dates 1987 April 20
1985 May 12 1988 May 8
1986 May 1 1989 April 28

Birthday of Kuang Kung, God of War 13th Day, 5th Moon
Kuang Kung's birthday is celebrated in all of the 350 temples to this God situated all over Taiwan, but the most important observances take place right in the heart of Taipei at the Hsin Tien Temple.

Corresponding Dates 1987 June 8
1985 June 30 1988 June 26
1986 June 19 1989 June 16

Dragon Boat Festival 5th Day, 5th Moon PUBLIC HOLIDAY
Features Dragon Boat races to commemorate the death (299 B.C.) of poet-statesman Chu Yuan who drowned himself in the Milo River of present-day Hunan Province to call attention to unheeded demands for government reforms. The Festival is observed as Poets Day.

Corresponding Dates 1987 May 31
1985 June 22 1988 June 18
1986 June 11 1989 June 8

Birthday of Cheng Huang, City God 13th Day, 5th Moon
Procession of actors on stilts, dragon and lion dances.

Corresponding Dates 1987 June 8
1985 June 30 1988 June 26
1986 June 19 1989 June 16

Month of The Ghosts Starts 1st Day, 7th Moon
The gates of Hades are believed to open on this day for the spirits to return to earth for a month-long vacation. People burn symbolic money and incense and spread food in welcome. The biggest occasion of the month falls on the fifteenth day.

Corresponding Dates 1987 Aug. 24
1985 Aug. 16 1988 Aug. 12
1986 Aug. 6 1989 Aug. 1

Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival 15th Day, 8th Moon PUBLIC HOLIDAY
One of the great festivals of the year. Millions of people gather in open spaces to gaze at the moon, believed to be more radiant than at any other time of the year.

Corresponding Dates 1987 Sept. 7
1985 Sept. 29 1988 Sept. 25
1986 Sept. 18 1989 Sept. 14

Burning of the Wang Yeh Boats Immolation of decorative boats as a sacrifice to ward off pestilence scheduled at Tainan and Pingtung during 1985, 1988 and 1991.

Aborigines' Festivals Ami Tribes: Illishin two or three day long initiation ceremony to be seen at the end of August or beginning of September at Kuangfu Township of Hualien County.
Paiwan Tribe: Malevok festival honoring the tribes ancestors. Staged during November or December in Taitung and Pingtung Counties.
Saisiat Tribe: A festival of atonement for wrongs done by the tribe to pygmies. At Heaven Lake at Nanchuan Township in Miaoli County on the fifteenth day of the tenth moon, corresponding to November 16 in 1986 and November 23 in 1988, every two years.

Lukang & Youth Park Folk Arts Festivals
The town of Lukang given over for a week to handicraft exhibits and demonstration, sports and performing arts. Begins one week before the Dragon Boat Festival Day.
Taipei's Youth Park Folk Arts Festival takes place during October.


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